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July 2020

The Henry Lab has had a few teams working on COVID-related research for the past few months. One of the devices has been successful and was licensed to Quara Devices, a startup company specializing in diagnostic biosensors. See below for links to a few news articles and interviews: Research team inks licensing deal for COVID-19 viral detection test KOA News Radio – Interview with Dr. Brian Geiss Denver CBS Local – featuring Drs. Chuck Henry, Brian Geiss, and David Dandy


April 28, 2017

CSU’s Demo Day spotlights campus innovation and Northern Colorado entrepreneurship

Antimicrobial resistant bacteria detection research from the Henry Group was featured and honored at CSU Ventures’ Demo Day 2017.

March 8, 2017

How chemists are helping us not get food poisoning

Borrowing concepts from medical diagnostic devices, chemists have created a simple, cheap set of handheld tests that can detect the presence of many water or food-borne pathogens. If applied in the field, such tests could greatly reduce the number of expensive follow-up tests needed to keep the food supply safe from fecal contamination.

May 16, 2016

Fort Collins kids test air pollution monitors for CSU researchers

For the next week, about 25 students at the Rivendell School in Fort Collins are wearing some unusual accessories – little black devices that look a bit like old digital cameras. The accessories are wearable air pollution monitors created by Colorado State University scientists. The fourth- and fifth-graders are helping test the monitors, which could eventually aid asthma sufferers in combating the effects of poor air quality.